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Services Offered

  • Lawn Fertilization

  • Core Aeration and Overseeding

  • Grub Protection

  • Foundation Insect Control

  • Lime Applications

  • Tree + Shrub feeding

  • Snow Mold Prevention

  • Surface Insect control

  • Free Service Calls


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Early Spring:Crabgrass pre-emergent is applied to protect your lawn from annual grasses. A balanced fertilizer aids in bringing grass out of dormancy & greening it up.




Late Spring:Broadleaf weed control begins as temperatures rise & the growing season reaches its peak.




Early Summer:Fertilizers are applied to maintain your lawns color and density, while controlling summer weeds. Grub protection available upon request & applied this time of year.




Late Summer:Feeding includes timed release fertilizers to insure survival during drought periods, while attacking summer weeds.




Early Fall:A two step feeding process to build the root system & continue broadleaf weed attack.




Late Fall:Winter feeding to store nutrients for winter survival with maximum snow mold protection.




Winter Feeding:Designed for continued protection & early spring green up.

The Program



                     Our Pledge:


To provide the highest quality program with experienced, professional,courteous technicians. We havea price guarantee that will not increase from season to season.






 Our History:

Field Of Dreams Lawncare Inc. was founded in 1997 with the hopes of re-establishing personal service to the lawncare industry.

   "We are a family owned company with good family values to help guide us" "When you become a Field of Dreams customer, we treat your lawn as our own!"

Here is what Field of Dreams can do for your lawn:

Consistently improves thickness and color

Timed release granular fertilizer naturally feeds your lawn in the soil through the root system.


Elimination of unwanted weeds:

Dandelion, clover & dozens of other tough to kill weeds.


Protection from damaging insects:

We will protect your lawn from all surface feeding insects that can silently destroy it.



The cost of our program is much less than what most homeowners anticipate.


Free service calls:

Without question, you're entitled to as many FREE visits as you see necessary.


The Field of Dreams difference:

The only lawncare company to offer a 10% pre-pay discount and a $10 new customer referral check.


   Ask about military discounts!

        Field of Dreams Own

Staff Sergeant - Brett A. McCoy


      "No Two Lawns are the Same, Your Lawn Deserves Special Attention!"


    Your lawn is like no other, that is why it takes a customized approach to achieve optimal results. Let us help you develop a program with your lawn's specific needs in mind. Our family will work with you, our valued customer, to give you the lawn of your dreams.


         Allen Oriti          Brian Telling         Brandon McCoy      Allen "Nick" Oriti 

            Allen Oriti           Brian Telling           Brandon McCoy          Allen Oriti          


                            Zach Bruhn                      Thomas "Wally" Wallencheck 

                                    Zach Bruhn                          Thomas Wallencheck     

"Over 50 Years Of Lawn Care Experience"